Riggedbooks is an addon for blender to create animation books in a fast way。


  • Two cover types: :hard cover and soft cover.
  • The pages aren't interspersed:No interlacing problems when turning pages.
  • Each type contains multiple page presets (P for pages) :10P,20P,30P,40P,50P,60P,80P,100P。
  • Parameters that can be customized:

    Cover's height, width, length.

    Cover thickness and the curvature of the spine.

    Customize the pages' bending shape.

  • Uneven effect of the pages: adjust the page control's random strength can achieve the pages' uneven effect.

  • Arch control panel: Can adjust the relax strength of the pages on both sides in the opening state.

  • All materials of the book can be customized:Simple and intuitive.
    Cover materials:
    Full controls for cover's front,spine,back,rim,inner materials.
    Pages' materials:
    Every page has its material,and every material gets two image nodes for the page's front side and back side.

  • One click to batch replace all textures: Prepare your map and name it according to a specific rule,then you can batch replace all textures with one click.

  • One click to achieve the rough edge effect:
    Can be used to make a damaged page, and provides a number of parameters, which can adjust the edge strength, width, roughness, details.

  • The book's cover and each page gets its own keyframes:
    It is very convenient and intuitive to adjust the book's flip animation.

  • One click to turn the book's animation state into a static model。

  • Online manual and video tutorials:


This plugin has a maximum of 100 page models and a maximum of 200 page textures.