Custom page number

To be clear, the maximum number of pages in this addon is 100, which means a book with 100 pages (pages 1-200) 。

Depending on my actual needs,most of the time I don't require very precise page numbers, . It's only a matter of thickness.。

But if you really need it, here's how to do that。

First choose a preset that is larger but closest to the number of pages you need. For example, if you need 35 pages, choose a preset of 40 pages.

In collection HC(40),find five null objects from PageConA.036 to PageConA.040,press down the Shift key on your keyboard,turn off the Hide in ViewPort and Disable in Renders buttons,it will hide the null objects and the objects under them。

Then select the book's controller and adjust the page distance under Pages Controls panel to match the book's height.